Sons de Resistência


“Sons de Resistência” (Sounds of Resistance) is the title of Luis Bittencourt's latest solo concert and one of his daring projects to date. In the contemporaneity of a globalized, connected and technological world, affected by different social problems and forms of oppression, the resistance practices emerge as disobedient lines that question the ordering and conservation principles that govern various aspects of life in society. Music and art have the capacity to reach places in the human mind where oppression does not reach, strengthening the ability to resist with the power to cross institutions and organizations, questioning their modes of operation or creating other meanings.

Resist to the boundaries that segregate people and cultures. Resist to the oppression of identities. Resist the injustices and challenges of the contemporary world through art by making music with what is at hand, whether it is an refined musical instrument or found objects such as a wooden pallet or plastic bags. Resist the dominant aesthetic (and sometimes static) ideals that polarize musical sounds from nonmusical sounds, music and noise, among other forms of expression.


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