Since 2009 Luís Bittencourt has been dedicated to research in the areas of musical performance and artistic research. The search for new sounds and a willingness to expand the possibilities of percussion instruments led him to specialize in a repertoire that uses water as a percussive instrument. This subject was also the main subject in his Master Degree in Music Performance at the University of Aveiro, under the guidance of composer and professor Dr. António Chagas Rosa and percussionist Miquel Bernat (Drumming GP, Ictus Ensemble).

His research in water percussion has been published and presented at conferences such as Performa - Conference on Performance Studies (Portugal), Third Meeting of the European Platform for Artistic Research in Music (EPARM) at the Conservatoire Supèrieur de Musique et Dance de Lyon (FR), International Festival for Artistic Innovation (Leeds College of Music, UK), and The Global Composition 2012: World Soundscape on sound, media and the environment, the latter held at the International Summer Course for New Music Darmstadt 2012 (Germany).

In 2012, Luís was invited by the percussionist Miquel Bernat and Drumming GP to record Tan Dun's Water Music (2004), to integrate the research "Approach to sound spacialization of a percussion ensemble – Drumming GP’s Case of Study", by Suse Ribeiro, held in the Master of Multimedia, Interactive Music Profile, and Sound Design in the College of Engineering of University of Porto

As a researcher, his interests include the use of non-conventional instruments and sound sources in the contemporary repertoire for percussion, experimental music, extended techniques in percussion instruments, organology, musical interpretation, and other related subjects.

As a professor, Luís has taught percussion and other subjects at Escola de Música Villa-Lobos (Joinville, SC, Brasil), Curso de Extensão em Música da Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (RS, Brasil), The Fifth Ney Rosauro and Jeff Moore's Mallet and Percussion Summer Camp (University of Central Florida, USA), Academia de Artes de Chaves (Chaves, Portugal), Academia de Música de S.M. da Feira (S.M. da Feira, Portugal), Academia de Música Costa Cabral (Porto, Portugal), Fórum Cultural de Gulpilhares (Portugal), among other institutions. 

Luis Bittencourt holds a Master in Music (Performance, Percussion) by the University of Aveiro (Portugal), Bachelor Degree in Percussion Performance by the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM - Brazil). He is currently developing a research on the interpretation of percussion works composed for unconventional sound sources, in the Doctoral Program in Music Performance, at the University of Aveiro, with financial support by the Brazilian research agency CAPES. Luís Bittencourt is also a researcher of INET-MD, a multidisciplinary research center of ethnomusicology, music and dance located in Lisbon and Aveiro, Portugal.


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