Solo percussion recital. The repertoire includes original works for percussion (acoustic or electroacoustic) by contemporary composers, which might include compositions by Luís Bittencourt. There is also a special concert program entirely dedicated to the use of water as a percussion instrument. 


Chamber music duets that seek to combine the wide range of sonic possibilities of percussion to the expressive potential of other instruments such as harp, voice, guitar, flute or piano. The repertoire varies depending on each instrumental formation and can range from original works to arrangements or collective creations.


Ensemble De Gamelão Casa Da Música — this ensemble is a project of Serviço Educativo da Casa da Música and it is dedicated to the Indonesian traditional percussion instruments. Its repertoire includes works by contemporary composers and collective creations made by the ensemble. 

Srosh Ensemble — a project by Sonoscopia Associação, this ensemble aims to create sound sculptures, unconventional instruments and sound interventions for specific spaces. This ensemble's  approach lies in the areas of sound art, field recordings, acousmatic, electronic manipulation, soundscapes and indeterminism.

Tríptico – An instrumental trio dedicated to the music of southern Brazil and Platinum America countries (Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay). Its influences are rhythms and musical styles such as the tango, the chacarera, the milonga, the chamamé and more. 

research & education

Beyond his career as a teacher in courses and institutions in Portugal, Brazil and USA, Luís Bittencourt is a dedicated researcher about various issues related to percussion, musical performance, contemporary repertoire for percussion, extended techniques, instruments and unusual sound sources, improvisation and experimental music. His master's thesis entitled "The use of water as percussive sound source: analysis of Water Music (2004) by Tan Dun" is a pioneering study on the subject. Nowadays Luís is developing a research project about the interpretation process of works for percussion composed for unusual instruments in the Doctoral Program of Music Performance at University of Aveiro, Portugal. This research is financed by CAPES (Brazil).

creative projects

Luis Bittencourt has great interest in collaborating and working with artists and performers from all artistic fields, in order to cross over boundaries and to express himself artistically through new creative projects. As a composer and improviser, some of his past projects include the creation and execution of live music for theater, dance and sound installations. Below you can listen to some of his compositions:

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